Patient Reviews

“Thank you for the entertaining and pleasurable morning for my exam and cleaning. The staff is friendly and very accommodating. I’ve never been to a dentist where I actually was very relaxed and pampered. (Love the massage/heating pad.) The office is clean, welcoming, and friendly. Love the windows, open view, and the full experience. Thank you.” — Kristi H.


“I love my nightguard!!! It was hard at first to wear it, but after a month, I did not even know it was in my mouth. I wake up in the morning and my jaw does not hurt! I am also getting a better night’s sleep because I am not waking up in the middle of the night from grinding my teeth. Give it a try! You will love it!” — Maria H.


“I have not been to the dentist in five years, since my past dentist was very stern and intimidating. On a business meeting I passed the building and decided to stop in. Becky was so kind and nice and made me feel very comfortable. I decided to make an appointment and was blown away with how nice and caring the whole staff was. I cannot recommend My Best Smile dentistry enough. They truly are all wonderful people.” — Justin E.


“Drs. Feduska and Kokai and their staff made me feel comfortable from the very first visit. They explained all procedures in detail so I understood what was going to happen. Their concern for any discomfort during all procedures was immeasurable. I have recommended them to all my friends and co-workers. They have given me back ‘My Best Smile.’ ” — Darris A.


“I love this practice and everything and everyone associated with it!” — Karen K.


“Dr. John Kokai has been my dentist for at least the last 10 years. All I can say is:

  • Great dentist
  • Great treatment
  • Great staff
  • I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.”

— Dolly G.



“This is my first visit where I didn’t need anything done to my teeth! It feels fab-u-lous! After being so scared of dentists for the longest time, it feels great to walk out of the office, not needing anything done. This feeling is unbelievably awesome. I came in so nervous with so much anxiety and walked out with none of those bad feelings. Dr. John is by far the best dentist I’ve seen.” — Jeanette G.


“I dreaded having my teeth removed and getting dentures. Finally, Dr. Kokai convinced me to be sedated and have the teeth surgically removed.

“I awoke from sedation painless and feeling and looking great. I have never had any problems, ‘only compliments.’ No one thinks I have or had dentures. They look so natural. Dr. Kokai is a fine doctor and I would recommend him to any and everyone.” — Genevieve P.


“My am so happy with my teeth since I got all the work done. I wish I had not waited so long to get the work done. I can’t believe the difference it has made and I enjoy eating again!” — Margeret F.


“I have been using PerioProtect for many years now and I love how easy it is to use. I feel sure it has slowed down the progression of my receding gums. PerioProtect is far better than having surgery!” — Dee S.


“Prior to taking Perio Gel I had gingivitis. The gums were sore and bled easily. After using the PerioProtect, all the symptoms were eliminated. I continue with the Perio Gel now and no longer use the antibiotic. I have used this system for about eight or nine years. I am very happy with the results.” — Harold S.


“When told of what to expect on my upcoming bleaching procedure, I anticipated a drawn-out and uncomfortable experience, but thankfully I was wrong. Time went quickly and the procedure was painless. In less than two hours, I walked out very satisfied with the results.” — Bob O.


“After spending years battling a paralyzing fear of the dentist, I found myself in the offices of Drs. Kokai and Feduska. Through each procedure I have had done, the doctors and their staff have been informative, patient, understanding, compassionate, fun, and always professional. Most importantly, my fear is now completely gone! Thank you to everyone at My Best Smile!” — Nancy


“Our family has been so happy since switching our dental care needs to ‘My Best Smile.’ Not only is the facility brand-new and beautiful, but loaded with top-of-the-line equipment. As new patients, each of us was explained in detail what every machine and/or tool was used for and how it worked. The care and attention given by the staff, and not just those in the exam rooms, but also at the front desk, made you feel special, like a family member.

“Our two daughters each needed a ‘fronectomy,’ a procedure where the thick gum tissue behind their front teeth needed to be removed. Even though it wasn’t a small surgery, it was painful and uncomfortable to them after the anesthesia wore off. Both doctors and staff checked in on them throughout the weekend and days leading up to their post-op appointment. Who does that anymore????

“Braces are next in line for both girls and we’re very comfortable and relieved that orthodontics are part of My Best Smile’s practice. Not just for the convenience, but the care I know they will be given!” — Jill S.


“We LOVE our dentist now!! Have four children and even THEY like going to the dentist! Drs. Feduska and Kokai are excellent and the whole staff is ‘so nice’ as my one daughter said. I tell everyone to go visit and get over the ‘dental phobia’ in a beautiful office with wonderful people!!” — Jenny B.


“I am so thrilled with my new teeth and my new look. It has restored my confidence so much. I have never been blessed with healthy teeth and after much pain, dental work, and expense I can’t believe how easy having dentures is. I owe all this to Dr. John and his wonderful team, for which I will forever be grateful.” — Shelly M.


“I have been going to My Best Smile, Drs. Kokai and Feduska, for 30 years. I am 82 years old and still have most of my own teeth! My kids and grandkids come here also. They make us feel like part of their family. We like to tell each other jokes. They are very gentle.” — Jane M.


“My husband and I have been patients of Dr. John and Dr. Linda since we were all in our early twenties! We are now all approaching middle age. We have been so blessed to have them as our dentists and have recommended them to many of our friends and family members. They are always available when we have had dental emergencies. We love the warm and caring atmosphere of their office and staff. They have given us exceptional care and happily we will continue to have beautiful smiles into our later years.” — Lisa G.


“I have been coming to Dr. Kokai for years. I have moved 25 minutes away and I will not find a closer dentist. He always has the most updated equipment. He has never hurt me and I’m a big baby. The office followed up with calls of ‘how are you feeling?’ The girls are wonderful and Dr. Linda is great! I have had it all: fillings, root canals, crowns. My daughter has also had a lot of dental work there. I recommend this dentist office to everyone. P.S. The goody bags after cleanings are a plus!!! Thank you, Angie, for recommending CareCredit alternative financing.” — Dianne L.


“I had a fear of pain, but I have not had a painful experience here and have been coming for over 20 years. This office is very personable. They sent my son flowers when he was in an accident. This is more than just a dentist office; they are like friends. My one son even traveled back from Tennessee to keep this same dentist.” — Linda J.


“I would recommend My Best Smile to anyone needing dental care. As a patient of Dr. Kokai and Dr. Feduska for 13 years, I have been extremely impressed with the service, patient care, and relaxing atmosphere at their office. The staff is polite, friendly, and they take the time to explain what they are doing and offer their expertise on how I can take the best care of my smile. I can’t imagine ever going to another dentist—I truly appreciate the time and level of customer care every member of the staff provides.” — Jonalyn P.


“After using my night guard for only a few days, my symptoms have completely disappeared. I would wake up in the morning with headaches and neck aches. The difference is night and day.” — Audra S.


“I thought Tres White take home trays were much easier to use than anything I used prior. I was satisfied with and shown by the staff the difference in my whiteness.” — Lynn C.


“Please tell Dr. Linda that my wife says she did an outstanding job on her cleaning!” — Keith F.


“This was my third or fourth visit since leaving Dr. ___ due to his retirement. I’ve been very satisfied with my dental services at your office. Excellent work! Thank you.” — Russ R.


“I’ve been wearing a night guard for eight months and have had no broken teeth or fillings. Before wearing the night guard I was at the dentist’s office once a month for over 2 years. The night guard has greatly improved my dental health!” — Nancy S.


“These are dentists who are kind, considerate, and thoughtful. I am grateful for the special things you do, and for everything you’ve done ... for being the special people that you are. Thank you so very much.” — Donna P.


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