Teeth Whitening

For a whiter brighter smile

Whitening Your Teeth

Teeth discolor for many reasons, including age, minerals, genetic make up of an individual,  tobacco, antibiotics, foods and beverages, such as red wine and coffee and tea.

  • One Hour/In-Office – Our updated whitening system removes stains and discolorations to whiten and brighten your smile. The process takes about an hour, and the results are immediate and dramatic–up to eight shades whiter!  Very convenient for the busy individual!

  • Take home whitening requires the fabrication of trays that you place in your mouth at your convenience at home.  Best of all, it is easy to maintain your whitening with one of our inexpensive touch up kits!  This process usually requires about an hour a day for two weeks.

Please understand the the ability of the whitening materials to work varies from person to person.  Results are not predictable.  However, the option of veneering or crowning your teeth still remains if you do not obtain the desire results with simple whitening.

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